Anastasia Romanov

And Her Family

Anastasia Romanov

Few people have not heard of one or more members of the romanov imperial family,the moost famous of all in particular is the outgoing youngest daughter of Nicholas II & Alexandra Anastasia Nikolaevna. The mystery around the Grand Dutchess's death exists even today. It is still unknown wheather anastasia perished with the rest of the family or somehow lead an anonomus existance.

From the moment she was born she was a mystery. Her family were extremely disappointed in the fact that anastasia was a girl the fourth the the tsar and his wife but after composing himself with a long walk grew to love the mischief-making child highly regarded as the clown of the family.One meaning of her name is "the breaker of chains" or "the prison opener." The fourth grand duchess received her name because, in honor of her birth, her father pardoned and reinstated students who had been imprisoned for participating in riots in St. Petersburg and Moscow the previous winter.Most in the household, including the servants, generally called the Grand Duchess by her first name and patronym, Anastasia Nikolaevna, and did not use her title or "Her Imperial Highness." She was occasionally called by the French version of her name, "Anastasie," or by the Russian nicknames "Nastya," "Nastas," or "Nastenka." Other family nicknames for Anastasia were "Malenkaya," meaning "little (one),"or "shvibzik," the Russian word for "imp."

Anastasia and her older sister Maria were known within the family as "The Little Pair." The two girls shared a room, often wore variations of the same dress, and spent much of their time together. Their older sisters Olga and Tatiana also shared a room and were known as "The Big Pair." The four girls sometimes signed letters using the nick name,OTMA, which was derived from the first letters of their first names.

Despite her energy, Anastasia's physical health was sometimes poor. The Grand Duchess suffered from the painful condition hallax vulgas (bunions), which affected both of her big toes.Anastasia had a weak muscle in her back and was prescribed twice-weekly massage. She hid under the bed or in a cupboard to put off the massage.